Sec_Title Biografías de los Invitados a la SGM

Madrid Gothic Week Team

Juan Carlos Somolinos ( Billyphobia )

Advertising Creative, Art Director, multidisciplinary audiovisual artist and illustrator born in Madrid. He is the only Spanish artist who has won the prestigious "Apple World Creative Talent Contest" in 2009 for Bitácora, a work which also was awarded third place in "Teaserland" contest (First International Festival of Fake Trailers).

Other prizes in Advertising, Graphic and Web Design, Illustration and Motion Graphics, as the Best Web Project in 2010 or the Best Motion Graphics Project in 2011 (both given by CICE), just to mention the latest ones, support the career of this self-demanding and autodidact artist of recognizable style, whose training includes several Masters and Professional Courses in Digital Arts and Advertising, covering subjects like Motion Graphics, Film Editing and Post-production, Graphic and Web design, Art Direction or Creativity among many others. He has an extensive experience in all these disciplines, both as freelancer and working for Advertising Agencies and Studios.

Billyphobia has a lengthy career as DJ of the Gothic panorama since its inception in Madrid. He was for years djing at the legendary "Phobia" and also has been in the cabins of several dar music clubs, both as guest and resident. Uncompromising defender of pure Gothic Rock, he is eclectic, yet selective, in other guitar-oriented subgenres and related styles: Post-Punk, Deathrock, New Wave, Darkwave, Cold Wave, Industrial and Gothic Metal. He has participated in meetings throughout Spain, Europe, Latin America and Asia. His motto speaks itself clear and loud: "No labels, no bastards. I am what I am, also on decks". Currently, he runs his own session, Nómada, which is open-minded to the new dark tendencies in music while sanctuary of the goth evergreens. Since a few months ago, he leads the Virus G Streaming Catalogue and Webzine project.

He actually works as Creative Director in his own Communication & Advertising Agency, Shaking for You, and he's involved in several side projects related to digital arts and dark music/culture promotion. He also is the Madrid Gothic Week Subdirector, Art Director and Official DJ.

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