Sec_Title Biografías de los Invitados a la SGM

Madrid Gothic Week Team

Marjorie Eljach

Marjorie directs the Madrid Gothic Week and currently chairs Besarilia, the association that organizes and produces the event. She holds a professional degree in Literary Studies, as well as Masters in Science of Information, Organizational Development and Marketing. She has worked in cultural management in the education sector and the academicals-oriented trade. She has served as a chief librarian, Literature teacher and currently works in the area of Social Media Marketing, Communications and Cultural Management. In fact, she actually directs the Commerce, Communication and Social Media Marketing departments at her own agency: Shaking for You.

Her interest in the Gothic world, specifically in the literature, began during her childhood and has accompanied her throughout her life to the point of creating the Madrid Gothic Week project. She is also co-editor for Herejía y Belleza magazine and co-director of the Congress on Art, Literature and Urban Gothic Culture. She has published essays, poetry, stories and articles in various journals. You can meet some of her texts in her blog.