Sec_Title Biografías de los Invitados a la SGM

Madrid Gothic Week Team

Nicolás Zúñiga

Studied business management, bank employee with 11 years of boring experience, avid music and video collector, multifaceted, irreverent dj already since his high school days. Self-taught audio post-producer, specialized in the restoration of vintage recordings and co-founder of the Dead Wax Records and Tres Calaveras Producciones record labels. Music has always been a very important element in his life.

In 2003 he left Deutsche Bank and his neckties behind, which had been ballasting him since 1991, founding his own video publishing company, Flashback Media. Shortly after he would sell his soul again to the capital and join Divisa Home Video for three years, where he worked as materials / product supervisor, service suppliers' coordinator, publicity / media coordinator and consultant for the animation product line.

Nico started buying records in 1986 and had his first contact with a mixing desk in 1988. He has been playing sets in the Madrid gothic scene since 1994 both as a guest and resident dj practically at every existing gothic session since then, including some at Barcelona and Valencia. His favourite music styles: post-punk, minimal & cold wave, goth rock, new wave, but not despising classic EBM and 80s indie pop. In 2009, sickened by the decadence of the gothic club sessions in Madrid and their poor musical quality he founds his own session, The Creepshow Pub and two years later The Phantom Club together with his wife and friends Marjorie Eljach and Billyphobia. Sadly they had to give it up.

Despite his own label projects and the collaboration with other labels and musicians, the deejaying booth is still a thorn in his side and he won't stop until founding a new session to call his own again.