Pedro Ortega - SGM ART Coordinator

Madrid Gothic Week Team

Pedro Ortega

He became a goth in 1990, called "sinister" by then. He began as music reviewer in 1995, co-directing the music magazine Maldoror until 2001. In those years he took part in promoting concerts and in the direction of the Festival Arcana Europa in 2000 and 2001 editions. From 2006, He is the Subdirector of the webzine Mentenebre in which he writes musical, artistic and literary reviews. He is also the President of the Asociación Cultural Mentenebre organizing exhibitions of young underground artists in several cities of Spain. He has edited and written in several publications of the association and he is editor of Fernando Paino’s book "La Década Obscura".

When he discovered that his deep passion was Art, he chose the academical way: he is post-graduated in Art History in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and he is currently writing his Ph.D. thesis. He thinks that there is a lot of possible discussion about Gothic Underground Art and some of his studies and writings deal with that, as we can read in his blog Herejía y Belleza.